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NOAHS ARC - Pledge To Justice

Hello and Welcome new A.H.G.'s! This is a self-administered "Pledge to Justice", merely stating, in any fasion or words you choose - to yourself - that you will try to support a fair and mild justice whenever some "supposed" justice has been or will be applied by any "supposed" authority - and that you will oppose harsh, overreactive, unfair or false "supposed" justice or judgement as you can. Upholding tolerance, temperance, equality, reason, fairness and compassion in any judgement of yours or anyones. You may use any part or all of the sample Ancient Egyptian Text below or modify it or the interpretative commentary as you like. You may completely make up the text yourself, trying to convey the same basic ideas as above. You may choose not to participate in this pledge at all, of course. Thank you!

*(Do not say parenthesized interpretations)*

O Geb (a usurping demiurgal god), Bull of the sky, I Am Horus (Osiris of the horizon), my Father's (the Father of the All) heir. I have gone (through 1st initiation) and returned, the fourth (Justice) of these four gods, who have brought water (offered truths), who have administered purification (taught awareness), who have rejoiced in the strengths of their Father (awareness, enlightenment, transcendence).
I desire to be vendicated by what I have done (saying this pledge). I the orphan (arriving at a state beyond having only genetic and Earthly parentage), have had judgement with the orphaness. The Two Truths have judged, though a witness was lacking (realizing your true Self and ascending over your uncontroled and deluded unself). The two truths have commended that the thrones of Geb shall revert to me (ones Self), so that I may raise myself to what I have desired (to be Just). My limbs which were in concealment are reunited, and I join those who are in the Abyss (stillness). I put a stop to the affairs in On (bias, prejudice, gossip, unfounded accusation, believery in presented and implied claims, brainwashing, cultural instillment of the clergy, state or institutions), for I go forth today in the real form of a living spirit, that I may break up the fight and cut off the turbulent ones (mistrust, delusion, emotive reasoning, sheepish behavior of thinking, blind faith, hiding from truth if unpopular). I come forth the guardian of Justice, that I may bring it, it being with me. The wrathful ones bustle about for me and those who are in the Abyss assign life to me (in the calm, untouched by those who would attempt the inflamement of biasity). I will do all I can to see my brethen and all else have justice and fairness.
My refuge is my Eye (the 3rd eye, inner self), my protection is my eye (Correctness), my strength is my eye (Knowledge and Wisdom), my power is my eye (awareness, forthrightness, honesty, fairness - with one's own self, true self and others). O you southern, northern, western and eastern (N.E.W.S.) gods, honor me and fear me, for I have seated myself in the awning of the Two Courtyards (Truth and Justice - and the equal scales of blind, fair, forgiving, compassionate Justice) and that fiery snake the serpent (untruth, fraud and injustice) would have burnt you, striking to your hearts, if not for me and what I stand on.
O you who would come against me in obstruction, come to me , come to me as friends, for I am the alter ego (other offspring) of my Father, the blossom of my Mother. I detest traveling in darkness, for then I cannot see, but fall upside down. I go forth today, that I may bring Justice, for it is with me, within me and I will not be given over to your flame, you gods (gods with a small "g").

***Thank you for reviewing and participation, whether you chose to take a self-pledge or not.***

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