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Knight's Page and Pledge

Pledge to Tolerance:

(You may make your own up instead of using this one, if you like!)

I, (your name), a new Knight of the N.E.W.S. of NOAHS ARC, elect to protect my integrity and self honor by trying with my might at every instance to display, promote and exude Tolerance!

Tolerance, one of the most powerful urgings of Jesus the Christ, a great striving for humanitarians, and an achievement of all ascended Saints, Masters, Avatars and Brothers. With tolerance comes openmindedness, the availability of compassion, unblinded knowledge and understanding, individual integrity with others, value to mankind and self validity.

We are not giving but allowing to justly be, when we show tolerance to others. It is not our self given forebearance or allowance for others to excercise their rights, but our restatement and clear action of correctness and noninterference that we exhibit. Enjoy the right to act yourself, in your action of extending to others their rights of action, with your endurance and acceptance and without undue criticism, suggestion, repugnance, prohibition or hindrance. Tolerance is fair, objective, openminded, non-emotive, unseperational, and correct. Tolerate, that you might grow in observation, interest, analysis, and consideration of others opinions, thinking, speaking and doings with a clear mind.

I, (name), will help encourage Tolerance, as I am able!

A "Tol" in India is a payment. We are all familiar with Toll gates and roads. Indeed tolerance is repayment for others allowing you to be you. The root is also, "an accounting of". Tolerance is a non-inflamatory response and is a fair price to pay for knowledge gained and for your own Freedoms.

It is the opposite of condescension, and arrogance. Everyone else is not you, but all are brought closer together by tolerance towards others. A "Tole" is a beautiful artwork guilting on special "double edge cutting" swords. Tolerance clearly implies, and is dependent on, two way action.

I, (name), will walk in this Path to Tolerance, that I may be fit and enabled to help Mankind!

Thank you for your pledge, if you chose to take it!


*** You are now a self conferred Knight of the N.E.W.S. of NOAHS ARC - OBROW! ***


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