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John Ray
General Delivery, Del Mar, CA 92014
           To engage myself in a rewarding work opportunity which will utilize my 
           considerable creativity, experience and training in - Biology, Chemistry,
           Physics, Electronics, Computers, Writing, Music, Teaching, combinations
           therein - and where I will be appreciated for my contributions.
           H.S. = 24 1/2 credits (Science emphasis)
           Ranger Junior College - Psychology Major = 58 credits
           University of North Texas - B.S. Degree 
              Biology = 45 credits, Chemistry = 24 credits, Physics = 18 credits,
              Education = 24 credits, Spanish = 14 credits,
           Graduate School = 35 credits (Sciences and Education)
           Energy, Environment, Economy Institute = 1 summer at U. of N. Tx.
           Science Educators Institute = 1 summer at U. of N. Tx.
           Electronics Test Technician Certificate = 2 years of Electronics,
              Computer theory and operation - training and experience
           1970's Lab Work/Electrician/U.S. Postal Service Clerk/Carrier
           1980-2002 University Student/Electronics worker/Musician/Science Teacher
           Water Lab Technician II/Well-Site Geologist/Chemist/Draftsman
           Science Teacher/Independent Study/Program Instructor/Houseleader of Disabled/
           Electronics/Internet/Invention development/Analyst
           AeroSpace Company Engineering drawings/Cafeteria Manager/State,
           County Disabled worker/Sales Agent telecommunications
           Phi Theta Kappa - National Scholastic Honorary Society
           Beta Beta Beta - National Biological Scholastic Honorary Society
           Dean's Honor Roll at Jr. College/University            
           Secondary Science Teaching Certificate
           Energy, Environment, Economy Institute Certificate     
           Electronics Test Technician Certificate
           CPR/Red Cross First Aid/Water Safety Certifications
           Science, Inventions, Writing, Philosophy, Music, Mankind's progress
           Lucio Flores- 1585 Lang Bran, San Diego, CA
              92107, (858)829-1889
           Nicole Gromme - 4012 Georgia, San Diego,CA
              92103, (619)572-1799 (7-9 a.m.P.T. or > 9 p.m.)
           Arleta Ervin -  106 Southland, Sanger, TX
              76266, (940)458-2846 (before 2 p.m.)