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Welcome New NA Members!!! - (Please see links below)

At this point, let me simply say OBROW of NOAHS ARC is a think, information and action "tank" to help free mankind from other men's imposed slavery. It is a tool to help like-minded people to be united for this goal and others, and to enjoy the fellowship with others of similiar development. It also, is an organization to impart, in increments, ideas, concepts, training and information within and without this group. It is a Society of Brothers and Sisters of evolved Spirit, acting as a security to each and a comforting help for assignments, assistance, information, attack by external forces, general morale or personal difficulties.
You are full members, hereafter, referred to by the title "A.H.G." (Amicus Humani Generis), Friends of the Human Race. There are different levels within the Society with different "trusts". All new members enter at the level of (the Justice pledging)- "Member Brothers (A.H.G.'s) of the N.E.W.S.". We ask you not divulge the following: (You are bound "sub rosa" for this.)
*The full name of this particular "non-public" Order is ---

"Ordo Kyanosi Rosi Sophista, Novus Ordo Alkhemicus Hermeticus Societatis Antiquae Rosae Crucis".

The Order of the Blue Rose of Wisdom (within) the New Order of the Alchemical and Hermetic Society of the Ancient Rose Cross.


There were ? new members inducted by phone on the night of the full moon 2000. We are very happy you have decided to join us. We will be in touch with you by your OBROW-NA # and your e-mail soon. Please contact me (JMR) using this e-mail address: --- (when you have a chance test your e-mailing to this address please). You may also contact me at:

I will not be able to answer many of the questions you may have, at this time, however, more information will be given and gleaned in the future. Please visit the "Justice" site below! Thank you and Welcome! --- JMR

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***Please visit this site and self-administer
"Pledge of Justice for All"***

Thank you!

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